Ya’ll Fest

See You Next Year!

We just want to thank everyone for making the first annual YALLFest such a huge success! By everyone, we literally mean everyone, our wonderful authors, our enthusiastic YA readers, our equally enthusiastic adult chauffeurs, our willing volunteers, our exhibitors, our sponsors, and our event organizers. Hopefully all those in attendance had as great a time at the festival as we did planning it and meeting you on the big day.

So go ahead and save the date: YALLFest II — Sat., Nov. 10, 2012.

Pseudonymous Bosch (if that is his real name) with a jam-packed courtyard of fans, one of whom was literally mummified during the presentation. PB was inundated with gifts of fine chocolate from his adoring and curious fans, so, so much chocolate that he was unable to lug it all back to…wherever it is that he lives. Please come in to Blue Bicycle Books and help us finish it!