Ya’ll Fest

Read Deborah Harkness’  YALLFest Author Interview to hear her take on pie and zombie preparedness! 

Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse?
My toothbrush and a good pair of running shoes.

If you could spend a week in any book world, which would it be?
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice—preferably at Pemberly, with lots of people taking care of me!

What is the best word (in any language) and why?
Palimpsest. Because its about the books that live inside other books, and it just sounds cool

Who are you most excited to see at YALLFest?
The readers! I’m looking forward to seeing my writer friends, of course. And can I include Charleston, too? I’ve never been there before and I can’t wait to see the city.

What is your favorite flavor of pie?
Banana cream. I don’t even understand why this is a question. Isn’t everybody’s favorite flavor banana cream??

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