Ya’ll Fest

More sound zombie advice and a shout out to Apple (and apple pie) from YALLfest Author, David Gill!

Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse?

Who: The person who runs just a bit slower than I do.

What: A hazmat suit and
air freshener.

If you could spend a week in any book world, which would it be?

Lord of the Rings, as long as I got to hang out in the Shire for Elevensies.

What is the best word (in any language) and why?

Carking. Because it’s all parts of speech and profane without being profanity.

Who are you most excited to see at YALLFest?

Margaret Stohl so I can hear about the Beautiful creatures filming.

What is your favorite flavor of pie?

Apple. Like my computer. And phone. And TV.

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