Ya’ll Fest

Kiera Cass’  zombie apocalypse companions may be impractical, but we think she’ll have a lovely time anyways.

Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse?

I’d bring Rob Pattinson. Mostly just to look at. And probably some cupcakes.

If you could spend a week in any book world, which would it be?

Any would do so long as they don’t throw me into an arena to fight someone to the death. I’d totally lose.

What is the best word (in any language) and why?

Copacetic. Just say it, man. Copacetic.

Who are you most excited to see at YALLFest?

Just one? Pshhhh!

What is your favorite flavor of pie?

Not a big fan of pie. Unless you count oatmeal cream pies. Love those.

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