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Lineup Announcement: Holly Goldberg Sloan

Holly Goldberg Sloan (born 1958) is a film director, writer, producer and novelist. Sloan was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and spent her childhood living in California, the Netherlands, Istanbul, Washington D.C. and Oregon. She received her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and sold her first script at the age of 24.

Her film credits include writing Made in America (1992), writing and directing the Disney film The Big Green (1995), and writing and producing Angels in the Outfield (1994). She was the screenwriter on Steve Irwin’s feature film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002), and the writer and director on the film Heidi 4 Paws (2008), which is a retelling of the children’s classic, but with dogs in all of the parts.

Sloan’s debut novel, “I’ll Be There,” was released by Little, Brown and Company in spring of 2011. Her next book will be released by Penguin Books in 2012.