Ya’ll Fest

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Who and what would you bring with you for the zombie apocalypse?

I would bring the athame Daire’s grandmother, Paloma, gives to her in ECHO. It’s fortified with the spirit of her ancestors, and is lethal to the undead. Oh, and I’d also bring Daire since she’s trained to use it!

If you could spend a week in any book world, which would it be?

The Sookie Stackhouse series. Oh, to be Sookie for a week!

What is the best word (in any language) and why?

Love – Amour – Amor – Amore – Agape –Lieben: It’s the most powerful force in the universe!

Who are you most excited to see at YALLFest?

The readers who make it all possible!

What is your favorite flavor of pie?

Key Lime, totally.

Cherry too.

Also like pecan.

Would be remiss without mentioning Rhubarb.

Oh, and coconut—don’t forget coconut!

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