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YALLFest 2014

Who’s coming: 60 of the country’s top YA authors, including 25 New York Times bestsellers.

What: Panels, presentations and signings on three stages on Upper King Street, as well as the infamous YA Smackdown!

When: Fri., Nov. 7 and Sat., Nov. 8, 2014

Where: Blue Bicycle Books, the American Theatre, Charleston Music Hall, Upper King Street, Charleston, SC

Cost: FREE!

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Get to know local Charleston YALLFest author!!

Did you know YALLFest author ryangraudin was a competitive synchronized swimmer in high school!?? She told us all about it. “Nose clips, hair gel, sparkly swimsuits and all! I ranked second in South Carolina (which wasn’t as awesome as it sounds, since we were the only team).”


Dystopian Author and the Accidental Chihuahua mix!


Did You Know? marielubooks  loves dogs!  She said “I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who were planned, and a Chihuahua mix, who was an accident.” Maybe she can tell us all about that accidental Chihuahua mix at #YALLFest14 ??

Matt De La Pena


Fun Facts about YALLFest author  Matt de la Pena 

“I have a 36 inch vertical leap. Or at least I did. Now I’m old”

“I try really, really hard to get books with diverse characters into the hands of diverse readers (well, actually, ALL readers).”

We love Matt’s dedication to diversity!!! Maybe he can show us that vertical jump November 8th!! Better start practicing Matt YALLFest is right around the corner! #YALLFest14

There’s a GIRL in the BOYS bathroom!!!!

The last time YALLFest author Kieran Scott went to a Broadway show, the line was 10 miles long for the ladies’ bathroom and there was only 1 guy in the men’s room, so she led a hostile takeover of the men’s facilities. THAT’S JUST HOW SHE ROLLS!!!

The Geography of Jennifer E. Smith

Did you know?? 

YALLFest author jensmithwrites has been to 46 of the 50 states and is working on the rest! We wonder where South Carolina sits on that list? We also wonder which states are left???

Get on stage at YALLFest by posting an Instagram?
Here’s how: http://yallfest.org/post/93784906813!

Get on stage at YALLFest by posting an Instagram?

Here’s how: http://yallfest.org/post/93784906813!

Since it was YALLFest author gayleforman Fun Fact Day I just couldn’t resist posting this! CANNOT WAIT!!

Poetic Words!

When asked about her FUN FACT YALLFest author gayleforman  said, “My first “”published”” writing was a poem I recited on the beach that my dad scribbled down, then had laminated. He kept it in his pocket for years. It reads:

""All there is is fog No sun. And no fun.""

(Can you tell I grew up in Los Angeles?)”


Fun Fact!!

This FUN FACT is all about YALLFest author Daniel Ehrenhaft! Did you know he is also Erin Haft, female author of the wickedly delightful POOL BOYS and MEET ME AT THE BOARDWALK, published by Scholastic.


Did you know???

YALLFest author Aaron Hartzler got kicked out of high school two weeks before graduation. So, naturally, he wrote a book to tell teenagers all about that. We look forward to seeing @aaron007 at #YALLFest14